Automating Your
Palletizing Operation

section 1 of 3: Are you automation-ready?


Thank you for your interest in a custom automation solution from Integrated Systems. This questionnaire will help determine A) if your facility is automation-ready and B) what kind of automation solution will be right for you. Please complete it to the best of your knowledge. If you have questions, please contact us.

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Is your facility flooring at least 6" reinforced concrete? *
Does your facility have adequate floor space? *
Consider product flow to and from the automation.
Does your facility have at least 15' ceilings? *
Ceilings below 15' require a special assessment.
Describe your facility's safety culture. *
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Does your IT department allow outside access to an independent automation network? *
Does your facility have an established training process? *
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Palletizing Information
Now we need some information about your palletizing operation.
You may upload drawings/models/photos in Section 3.
You may upload drawings/spreadsheets/photos in Section 3.
Include dimensions if possible.
What are your strapping requirements? *
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Do you require stretchwrap? *
Do you require pallet labeling? *
Do you have any drawings/models/photos of the parts being palletized in this system? *
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